Hayden Striped - Nutmeg
Hayden Striped - Nutmeg Hayden Striped - Nutmeg Hayden Striped - Nutmeg Hayden Striped - Nutmeg


Each Item Sold Supports To Improve The Lives Of Those Involved In & Out Of The Apparel Industry 

KNOWN SUPPLY is much more than an apparel brand.  It is a movement and a platform for social good.  KS apparel is available to those who value people and want to see their stories brought back to the forefront of the conversation.  We are disheartened by what fast fashion is doing to our planet and the people who make our clothes.  We don’t like what we see, and we are so happy that KNOWN SUPPLY has decided to do something about it through:

CONNECTION:  Every product made is hand-signed by the person who made it

COLLABORATIONS & PARTNERING:  With like-minded customers and companies all to learn, grow and further support the KS ethos

FAIR WAGES:  Always.

SUSTAINABILTY:  Continuing to introduce more sustainable fibers and fabrics to          offerings in upcoming seasons




Effortless and versatile, the ‘Hayden', can be wrapped a variety of ways. Wear it loose and casual or with a tighter fit for added warmth. It's a long tasseled scarf, hand-crafted by our beneficiaries in Peru and signed by the lady who made it.

  • 100% Acrylic
  • Long, Tasseled Scarf
  • Striped Pattern
  • Made in Peru

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