North Mittens-Black
North Mittens-Black North Mittens-Black North Mittens-Black

Each Item Sold Supports Efforts Towards A Sustainable Environment & 100% Cruelty-Free Fashion

Outerwear for all who care

No one does cruelty-free, affordable, outerwear, and culture like NOIZE.

They have democratized cruelty-free in an otherwise cruel and elitist space: fashion outerwear & culture.

NOIZE uses high-tech synthetic fabrics that are nearly identical to animal-derived materials in warmth, comfort, and style. Better believe they've got that Peta-approved stamp to prove it.  Not to mention, the footprint of their expertly hand-picked alternatives is minor compared to the environmentally taxing process (think resource, water, and pollution) of raising animals for their furs and feathers.  Oh, and all of the fills are made with 100% recycled plastic bottles - we love that!

NOIZE has made caring accessible to all who care about themselves, others, all living beings, and the planet.



The North-M mittens are an ideal companion for cold days, especially if you are planning a day of outdoor activities. They are padded, quilted and lined for extra warmth and comfort, and feature a stylish metallic finish.


  • Shell: 100% Polyester
  • Fill: 100% Recycled RePET


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