Like all great things in life, Wuxly started as part of a love story

Back in 2012 pro football player James Yurichuk moved from the west coast to join the Toronto Argonauts.

One of this first tasks?

To get his girlfriend, Brazilian-born Daniela, her very first winter coat.

As he searched for the perfect parka, he couldn't find anything that aligned with his values around protecting the environment.

While he appreciated the quality of the Canadian-made jackets, he saw an opportunity to evolve Canada’s rich manufacturing heritage by utilizing innovative, sustainable fabrics while peacefully leaving animals out of the equation.

So what started out as a shopping trip in search of the ideal Canadian-made vegan winter parka evolved into the creation of a truly sustainable Canadian clothing brand.

And even better?

James and Daniela are still happily (and warmly) together. Along with their four beautiful children.


As the brand has grown, so has their commitment to exceptional performance. In December 2021 Wuxly joined the prestigious ranks of other global sustainable clothing brands with its B Corp™ certification.

B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials. The certification process is rigorous and is repeated every three years to ensure companies are maintaining the high standards.

Interesting fact: the company used to be called "Wully Outerwear". They changed it to "Wuxly Movement" because they felt that Wully didn't fully showcase the fact that they are animal-friendly. The "X" in Wuxly represents the innovation in their philosophy--where they're creating a movement dedicated toward a hardcore tech-savvy, ethical and animal-friendly fashion industry.