Wrinkle and Crease is an international stationery company based in Calgary, Alberta that specializes in producing minimal, modern, and high quality paper products created with a traditional letterpress and foil stamping technique.
They're on a mission to create products that encourage you to write more and type less. From gift cards to art prints to planners and notebooks and gift wrap--
they cater to paper lovers who relish the timeless moments that are held forever within the wrinkles and the creases of handwritten notes.
Founded by an ambitious dreamer, spirited entrepreneur and all around go-getter, Kayley, the idea to start a stationery company didn’t begin to bloom until she was on maternity leave. 
That's when she realized it was the perfect time to begin a new venture so that she could continue to stay home with her daughter. 
Kayley was driven to create a business that was both creative and inspiring enough to encourage other women to dream big, plus give them the tools they need to make it happen.
Wrinkle and Crease continues to produce paper products that inspire and encourage you to write down your thoughts, share your feelings and take the first steps in making your dreams come true.