A NYC based brand founded by two best friends Pattie and Kristin and inspired by a life in the city that never stops. The brand focuses on designing fashion-forward, lightweight and hands-free totes, shoulder and belt bags for women who are always on the move.



Their goal is to bring you powerful, lasting pieces that will enhance your rotating wardrobe instead of buying into the fast fashion model where basic means boring and clothes are disposable. Each piece is designed to tell a story and enhance your closet and life on the fly. As they put it: 

“Whenever we need a little extra attitude or confidence boost for a big day, we just say “Think Royln", a combination of our mothers’ names, to remind us of the strong women that made us who we are today. (It’s also a great code word for getting out of awkward situations and uncool conversations.)”

“We’re New Yorkers. All we know is life on the fly.”