Founded in 2015  by longtime friends Mike Wallis and Kory McLaughlin Tenfed is a lifestyle brand based in Toronto that offers unique, yet meaningful, everyday apparel with the mission to provide as many meals as possible to people in need. For every Tenfed item sold, 10 meals are provided to people suffering from food insecurity around the globe. 


To date, they’ve been able to provide over 400,000 meals around the world, including locally here in Canada.


At the core of Tenfed is having meaning and purpose behind what you choose to wear. It’s about having style while changing the world at the same time. When you wear Tenfed, not only will you look great and feel comfortable, but you’re also making a statement that you’re part of the solution. It's a purchase that feels good.



I think we’ve all heard the word before.  It can excite us. It can disturb us. It can motivate us. It can offend us, amongst many other things. …To us, iGIVAFCK is an acronym for “I GIVE A FOOD CARE KIT” as we are providing TEN meals to people in need each time we sell an item