Simple, yet bold paper goods, home decor and gifts for swell people like you.

Life’s moments (big and small) are best celebrated through simple acts of kindness. Swell hopes their goods inspire you to celebrate those moments and cultivate connection and joy, whether it’s a handwritten note in a card or a thoughtful gift. 

Founder + Designer, Lesley Robb (she/her), created Swell Made Co. out of a need to simplify and enhance her life. She wanted to challenge the status quo that comes with building a career and raising a family (she’s a mom of 2). So she designed a business and life that worked for her.

A lifelong lover of good design, stationery and making connections, Lesley wanted to share the simple things that delighted her. She's developed a style and range of products that are inspired by and speak to swell people, like you!

When you choose Swell Made Co. you’re also choosing to support Plan Canada’s “Because I Am a Girl” project to help girls access basic human rights including education and access to maternal, newborn, and sexual and reproductive healthcare. 2% of each purchase goes directly to this project to champion gender parity and sustainability.

The company also has deeply valued commitments for:

  • Respect for indigenous land and knowledges
  • Sustainable paper, printing and packaging
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting small business and local economies
  • Ethical manufacturing