Quartz and Canary

 Where spirituality meets style.


Created in 2016 by Andrea Di Paolo, after almost a decade of experience within the jewelry industry and lessons learned from her family member’s health challenges with autism and Parkinson’s disease. The name highlights the company’s belief systems and principles.

It’s her mission to offer sacred amulets and pieces that support each person’s journey. The company has high standards for supporting fellow local businesses, as well as the quality, sourcing and longevity of each handmade piece as they want to see you living your truth and singing your song.

In 2021 and 2022 she was featured in Halle Berry’s :Respin for the top crystals selections for each year.

Quartz & Canary offers three promises:

  1. Quality: They go over and above industry standards
  2. Information: They aim for high vibrational content
  3. Community: Where clients can absolutely feel safe to learn and grow with us 


As the most commonly sourced stone in the world, Quartz is known to be a master healer. It's not only used within watches to move the hands of time, but it can also be used to enhance the metaphysical properties and energy centres within the body.

The Canary is forever known as the whistleblower. It’s the energy of change that opens us to the gateway of truth.

Quartz & Canary wants to act as the yellow spirited messengers supporting those who need us most, leaving no one behind. It’s been shown scientifically that when the canary sings, its mind visibly expands, enhancing its awareness and eliminating any distress.

We at Quartz & Canary want to see you living your truth and sing your song!