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Their goal is to create fashion accessories that empower people to express themselves with a touch of class and sassy flair.

PreneLOVE happily fusses about the small details each and every day in Canada, believing that’s what sets them apart. For instance:

  • They only use premium quality neoprene, a material at the perfect intersection of durability and lightweight
  • Special touches like sailing rope handles with reinforced metal grommets and non-corrosive magnetic closures
  • Fully-lined interiors are individually chosen because they have the look, feel, and thoughtfulness of high-quality finishing, great for both function and fashion

With design a passion, they’re constantly inspired by neoprene's remarkable versatility, durability and near limitless possibilities. They thrive on designing fashion accessories that are bold, unique, sophisticated and multi-functional.

PreneLOVE gives back to the “Because I Am A Girl Project” through Plan International Canada, an initiative that supports the youth-led movement for girls' rights and gender equality. Sadly, every day millions of girls around the world are denied their basic human rights – simply because they're girls.

Plan International Canada works for and with children, community members and governments so that children around the world know and can exercise their rights. Their work seeks to tackle the root causes of gender inequality and remove barriers that keep children, especially girls from reaching their full potential.