Proudly from Montréal, Quebec they’ve made innovative thinking and environmental practicality a modern aesthetic since 2018. They’ve made it their mission to provide desirable outwear choices that are stylish for you and sustainable for the environment.

Guided by the beauty of the Canadian landscape, the heart of Norden is a place of honest minimalism. It shows in our contemporary designs, in what we leave behind, and in the choices we make.

They never use fur, feathers, leather or any animal by-products — as certified by PETA.

Everyone is different. Shapes and sizes are unique, and people react to temperature in their own way. NORDEN outerwear embraces this and is fitted to promote warmth and heated-air circulation around your body.



Your NORDEN purchase is packed in a biodegradable, reusable bag and shipped using 100% recycled materials for you to repurpose or recycle yourself.

We work in an eco-friendly space featuring repurposed furniture and a specialty water filtration system. Our production factory has a respectful, secure work environment with good working conditions. 

As a Certified B-Corporation, we join the global business community officially committed to creating a healthier and inclusive environment in everything we do.

Our business is ecological. That's it. Products. Materials. Packaging. Every single thing we create comes from 100% recycled and repurposed materials.