M I • M O


Mimo Toronto is a female-owned, Canadian-based fragrance and candle brand. Their products are designed to soothe your soul by creating an everyday escape and sense of timeless luxury using only cruelty-free, phthalate and paraben free, and vegan ingredients. 

The candles are made with your health and well-being in mind: 

  • Only naturally derived and non-toxic scents are used
  • Hand poured in Ontario, Canada
  • Made with North American grown 100% soy wax--which burns cleanly for almost twice as long as paraffin wax, without any of the toxins
  • Lead free cotton wicks to ensure a clean burn every time
  • No chemicals or additives

Mimo is committed to ensuring sustainability in their products from biodegradable wax to eco-friendly packaging and reusable vessels. All vessels are meant to be recycled or repurposed. In fact, you could reinvent your candle jar into a vase for flowers or a container for pens for your desk! What more could you ask from a candle, right?