Brett started good hYOUman in 2011 in memory of his dad, David Novek

“He was an amazing hYOUman, and I wanted to start a clothing line to keep his memory alive. I started screen printing shirts in my bathroom at home with inspiring messages on them. The first message I ever printed was “MY LIFE STORY WILL BE A GOOD ONE.” I am proud to say good hYOUman is sold all over the world now.”

The original mission was simple: do something that makes you, and those around you, feel good! Today, Good Hyouman does this by creating the most comfortable clothes on the planet, but also by partnering with organizations and individuals who facilitate their mission of giving back and doing good every day.



They proudly manufacture their clothes in the USA. Each season they spotlight an amazing good hYOUman’s story on the back of our product hang tags. They team up with creative hYOUmans and collaborating on limited edition shirt concepts - featuring the Collaboration on  A portion of the sales from the collaboration’s design are donated to the cause of their choice. 

Some of their partners include: