Cool, bright-colored, genderless, ageless, timeless, fun slides that are cruelty-free and 100% vegan.

Whew! That's a lot right?

Here's a bit more: the eco-friendly material is recyclable, washable, super durable, comfortable and they come in packaging that's recyclable or compostable and minimalistic. The company also makes sure shipping is as carbon-neutral and efficient as possible.

All of that and more is top of mind and super important to this women-led and mostly female company. They want their shoes to be a gateway to your best physical, emotional and mental health, and not just footwear that gets you from place to place (though you'll look rad doing it!).

Sustainable, fabulous looking shoes that stand for something from a company that encourages us to "give a funk".




Paris-born designer Sarah Gurt founded the company in 2014 after years of honing her skills at major fashion houses like Thierry Mugler and Oscar de la Renta. Her mission was to create ethically-sourced, environmentally-friendly footwear that can be worn every day by everyone.

Freedom Moses promotes a chill, mindful lifestyle not only as a goal, but as a powerful tool to restore our emotional and physical wellbeing. The slides are meant to be a daily reminder of how important our mental, physical and emotional health is.  

The process of making the slides is drenched in love and thoughtfulness and reflects how they connect with the world - with respect, love and freedom. For example, giving up leather is a no brainer for them. They believe you don't have to give up style or compromise on quality to express the power and elegance of the animal kingdom. 

As you can see, the slides are certainly strapping, right? But, they have no straps--just a single resin mold. The company always wants to be innovative in how they can make the slides safer to make and more comfy to wear.



That's where the one-piece air injected resin comes in-- with a special machine that creates the whole slide from one material, hands-free.

The slides are then infused with air—and a signature "milk and honey" scent that's reminiscent of a freshly dried pedicure—so they can be light as a feather, making them easy to throw in your beach bag or carry-on. 

Freedom Moses feels responsible to counteract today’s "unmindful consumer" trends as much as they can. They want to see more consideration and love for nature in the consumer world and do away with the ubiquitous fast fashion mindset. One of the many ways they do their part is to donate their excess inventory annually.

They do their best to ensure their manufacturers and suppliers are ethical and environmentally sound, and that the factories they work with are audited and approved, offer fair wages and safe working conditions.

Some of their partners include:

  • Girls for a Change Foundation--a nonprofit youth development organization aimed at empowering Black girls and inspiring them to create change in themselves, each other and the world around them

  • One Tree Planted charity to help advance global reforestation efforts

  • The Jed Foundation (JED)--a nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide among teens and young adults