Fashion that gives back

An impact driven lifestyle brand with an enduring principle at the heart of what they do—that people’s choices of what to buy and wear have the power to change the world. Their goal is to provide meaningful ways for you to make a difference, from the bags you carry, to the places you gather, to the meals you share.

FEED was founded in 2007 by Lauren Bush Lauren while she was travelling with the World Food Programme and saw up close the reality of childhood hunger. She created the first FEED Bag as a tangible way for her peers to get involved. To this day, every product they make has a number on it, representing the school meals donated with its purchase.

Hunger is a daily reality for approximately 795 million people, and one of the most effective solutions to combat this crisis is school feeding. With every product we sell, we provide school meals to the most vulnerable communities across the globe, through on-the-ground partners.

From bags to accessories to home goods, every product is infused with a utilitarian aesthetic and function-first commitment.

They proudly work with artisans, from Kenya and India, with those sales providing meals and sustainable livelihoods for our artisan partners and their families.