Faithfull is committed to creating thoughtfully produced, socially responsible and just simply exquisite garments that you can feel great about wearing.  

In 2014 Australian Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Norwegian Helle Them-Enger collaborated with Bali’s best artisans to create handmade garments and start  Faithfull The Brand.

They've continued to live, work and support their local community ever since. Being so close has allowed them to maintain integrity, monitor quality and ensure their long-standing partners are well cared for.

The brand has become known for their vintage inspired prints, flattering shapes, and unique pieces, perfect for sun-seekers and romantic dreamers with a spirit for travel.


They chose the name ‘Faithfull’ for its warm, feminine appeal. The essence is youthful and uncomplicated in design with a nostalgic nod to vintage wardrobes of summers past.

In 2021, they became a certified B Corporation--a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance both profit and purpose.

They care deeply about their people and our planet so they’re continually investing time and resources to do better and be greater so they know every detail of how their products are made, but more importantly, who is making them.

From manufacturing choices and commercial practices to organizational culture and community investment, they want to produce responsible fashion, offer fair prices and provide transparent supply chains to help minimize their environmental footprint and maximize their positive social impact.


Community-focussed and family-minded.

They provide employee benefits, parental support and upskilling and training. They practice conscious business practices with commitments to minimize wastage within their Bali, Indonesia and Sydney, Australia offices.

Team members are provided with a durable, reusable water bottle with fresh, clean water dispensers available throughout the company headquarters.

And since 2020 their suppliers and makers no longer deliver goods to their head office in plastic-- they have produced self-fabric protective bags for goods to be delivered between offices.

They have multiple give back programs.

While their primary focus is their local community in Bali, Indonesia, they also provide support to international organizations based on global circumstances and the needs of the communities e.g., Trees4Trees, Worn For Good, Thread Together, Worn for Good, the Red Cross, to name a few.

In 2020, the global pandemic completely halted Bali's tourism economy resulting in severe deficits in community food supplies.

They launched an ongoing project where a local internal team put together and distributed food care packages to affected communities. 

As of December 2021, they have supplied food to more than 5000 families and 2100 kilograms of food animal shelters.