With decades of experience, research, and development, ÉTICA is changing the way denim is made.

Based in Los Angeles, ÉTICA is rooted in the ideals of fair labor, environmentally conscious manufacturing, and social responsibility.

Employing advanced technologies to minimize waste, water and energy consumption the brand is on the cutting edge of sustainability in premium denim.  

  • 90% less water than the industry standard

  • 63% less energy usage than the industry standard

  • 70% less chemical usage than the industry standard

  • All used wash stones are compressed into bricks to build low-income housing

  • All factory water is filtered and used for farmland initiatives



ÉTICA proudly exceeds fair labor standards, providing living wages, benefits, unique paths to advancement and ability-inclusive opportunities. They strive to help local communities by partnering with organizations committed to workers’ rights and environmental initiatives around the world.

As a vertically integrated company, transparency and corporate responsibility are key tenets of their brand. They have certifications from governments and coalitions around the world and regular audits that keep them current. 

Taking a directional approach to design and construction, ÉTICA offers premium fabrics, vintage-inspired washes, and refined fits, proving that fashion and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. Their aesthetic strikes a balance between directional and timeless, building refined silhouettes with modern proportion and vintage appeal.

Some amazing things they incorporate into their day-to-day practice to help give back:

  • Merchandise ships in plant-derived biodegradable poly bags
  • Hang tags are printed with soy-based ink on 100% recycled paper
  • Labels are woven from 100% recycled material
  • They proudly provide our employees numerous benefits such as on staff doctors, handicap friendly opportunities, free meals and community outreach programs