Transforming the everyday through the power of ritual 

Longtime friends, Jennifer (Bonato) and Taylor (Williams) wanted to redefine what self-care looked like. They didn’t like the beauty and wellness industry’s standard ingredients and practices so they wanted to do something to change that. High on their list was to combine quality ingredients, daily rituals and mindfulness. 

They launched Cardea AuSet (named after two powerful goddesses) to provide people with a super-clean, plant-based line of products that checked all their boxes: easy-to-use, immediately satisfying, highly effective in promoting relaxation and reinvigoration and so darn pretty you want to put them on display!

With Cardea Collective, their vision has grown beyond just products by providing like-minded creatives with a space for collaboration and community.

The Cardea Promise:

  • Plant Based--natural ingredients that do no harm
  • Ritual--daily practices to transform your life
  • Community--creative collaboration that does good
  • Femininity--the best of women, for all