Get older. Own it. See stuff. 

Caddis began shipping high quality reading glasses in 2018, and took a hard stand on what it means to be older and live in modern culture.


They call themselves the “anti anti-aging brand” and they’re calling bullshit on a lot of things, such as the marketing of “50 is the new 40”, the whole fountain of youth illusion, the industries that are profiting on vanity and fear of age and on the concept of “aging gracefully”.

They believe it’s time to get real about who we are and where we are in life. Being right here, right now is right on and pretty awesome! In spite of the fact that the entire world seems hell-bent on marketing to our long-gone teen vanities or trying to scare us into an early grave.



They’re huge music fans (and some are musicians, including the founder and CEO Tim Parr). That’s why Caddis distributes 1% of gross revenue to music education programs.

They’re adamant that our culture needs music development in schools and other public institutions because what was free and available to all is now almost gone, not to mention devalued with technology. Caddis sells the coolest, best quality readers, sunglass readers, progressives and made-to-orders.

Some of their partners include: