When asked how Brass & Unity came to be, founder Kelsi Sheren replied:

In 2016, I started B&U to help save my fellow soldiers' lives, or at least try to give them a second chance. After serving on the front lines in Afghanistan (Infantry & Artillery) at 18 years old and losing many of my friends during battle, I came home with severe PTSD. After 7 years of anger and pain I decided to use my struggle for good, and try to help others through their struggle.



Brass & Unity’s mission is to save lives. They donate 20% of their net profits to help fund veteran assistance programs around the world.

 Why jewellry? It’s a metaphor for who we are and how we’re shaped by life experiences. Our path may not be perfectly shiny and stress-free,  but the challenges of journey can ultimately make us and our lives beautiful.

Allow your B&U pieces to remind yourself you are strong, and keep pushing forward so you too become the best version of yourself.

Brass & Unity only works with initiatives that put veterans' needs above their own, that stretch every dollar they receive to help them create a productive civilian life.

Funds go directly to mental health programs, prosthetic limbs, therapy/rehab programs, food/shelter/clothing for homeless veterans, and many more - including help for their families.