Touchland Powermist - Aloe
Touchland Powermist - Aloe Touchland Powermist - Aloe Touchland Powermist - Aloe

Each Item Sold Supports Communities Where Hygiene Is Critical To Survive

Touchland is passionate about finding solutions to help simplify everyday life, and take care of everyone's health. In our modern, urban lifestyles, our hands are exposed to all kinds of unhygienic surfaces teaming with illness causing germs— but keeping your hands clean shouldn't mean drying out your skin or leaving hands sticky. That's why we've created the next generation of hand sanitizers with a fast-evaporating, naturally moisturizing & sanitizing formula that keeps your hands soft, clean, and smelling great.  

This brand is for life-lovers, people that want to simplify their lives, are passionate about design, caring souls that are environmentally responsible, ultimate geeks, experience enthusiasts with minds that always look for something different - and we love that!


What it is: The award-winning hydrating hand sanitizer mist that feels as good as it looks.

Our cult-favorite, hydrating hand sanitizer.


  • Moisturizing
  • Smells Great
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Micro-Mist
  • 500 Sprays

How to Use:
Spray 2-3 times all over the surface of your hands and rub together until dry.
Make sure to bring it always with you (inside your handbag, pocket or in the car). There will be plenty of moments in your day when water & soap are not available (or your hands are not visibly soiled) & Power Mist will literally save you from getting sick. Do not forget to use it when: eating food, travelling in public transport, using the toilet, touching cash, playing with your pet, etc.