View of The Rule Book:  Rules For A 5 Year Old (Blue and Purple) Cover Art

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From the Cover:  The Rule Book - Rules for a 5-Year-Old is a fun compilation of rules as identified by mothers and designed to be a stepping stone to children turning 6. A 5-Year-Old girl named Cassidy talked about what she was going to do when she turned 6 and her mother, Kelly, told her that she had to pass the rules of being 5 first. Cassidy then said, "Oh yeah? Where's the rule book?" So, here it is...

About The Author:   Penny L. Samms had always dreamed of being a writer and she published her first book in July 2013.  Penny has published books for children, early teens, and adults.  And the Rule Book - Rules for a 5 Year old is her latest offering 

Penny looks forward to many years of producing books to entertain readers of ages.  Penny lives in Toronto, Canada.

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