Sun Moon Saturn Tube Necklace
Sun Moon Saturn Tube Necklace Sun Moon Saturn Tube Necklace Sun Moon Saturn Tube Necklace


Satya - “Truth” In Sanskrit

With a commitment to honor individual truth, Satya Jewelry has been creating inspiring, spiritual jewelry designed for the journey since 2002.  It is a woman-owned and predominantly woman-operated business committed to collaboration, equality, and inclusivity throughout the company. 

Satya creates jewelry imbued with meaning that benefits those in need of inspiration, healing, and empowerment. Pieces are crafted using sacred and meaningful symbols and semi-precious gemstones renowned for their healing properties. Satya Jewelry design is created to bring joy to its wearer—a celebration of all backgrounds, all faiths, and all truths. 

In partnership with The Satya Foundation, Satya Jewelry remains committed to continuing their mission—one rooted in an appreciation for sacred traditions, honoring individual truth, and empowering children worldwide through social and economic initiatives. The Satya Foundation has expanded its reach to support other non-profits and foundations that align with their vision for a more equitable and compassionate world by honoring shared humanity through continued outreach and financial support of these organizations - we love that!



Awaken from your dreams and set forth to bring them to fruition. An 18k gold plate cylinder locket—perfect for holding your secret wish — is adorned with star, moon and Saturn symbols to evoke inspiration, protection and strength. Wear this necklace as a daily reminder of your intention and keep your dreams close to your heart.

  • Star: Guidance, inspiration, dreams.
  • Moon: nourishment, protection, goddess.
  • Saturn: strength, patience, grounding
  • Pendant Size: H- 27mm W- 7-9mm
  • Closure Type: Spring Ring Necklace Length: 30" 18KT Gold Plated Brass
  • Made in Thailand