Scoop Neck T-Shirt - Cement

Each Item Sold Supports Sustainable Manufacturing, Social & Environmental Non-Profit Work To All Herders & Local Communities

What started out as an unexpected visit to the Mongolian countryside
turned into the fairest, most sustainable and most affordable
top-of-the-line cashmere the world has ever seen.  
Naadam is on a mission to democratize cashmere by translating transparency into real sustainability, better prices, and better quality for our customers at every possible turn.

Real Sustainability

  • Clean energy-powered manufacturing, regular facility audits including labour related and environmental certifications
  • No toxic chemicals, natural and biodegradable dyes, closed loop water filtration system 
  • Carbon footprint reduction, including top of the line efficient spinning machines

Better Quality

Did you know the best cashmere goats come from Mongolia?  These softies (the Zalaa Jinst white goat) are actually hand combed the old school way which make for happier goats, and better quality fibers!  Long fibers = Maximum Softness - score!  Naadam pays the nomadic herders 50% more, invest in breeding and vaccination programs for healthier goats, and develop sustainable grazing practices.  Naadam's Gobi Revival Fund supports 1,000 nomadic herding families in Mongolia and has provided veterinary care to over 250,000 goats.  We love that!

Better Prices  

Naadam's non-profit work allows for direct access to rare materials to sell them to you at the best possible prices.  It's simple - especially since 4 goats = 1 sweater.

    Almost all cashmere sourced from Mongolia is organic, but not all cashmere is environmentally sustainable and that matters a lot. 

    Oh, btw Naadam's social impact and environmental awareness go beyond the well-being and health of the goats.  They built Naadam Park in 2018, a $200,000 project that saw over 2000 trees planted, and will see another $10,000 trees planted in the next 2 years.  Naadam Park is a real park with gazebos and pathways, and when finished will house the only grass soccer field within 500 miles and draw thousands of local visitors, dramatically increasing the local economy and sense of community - how appropriate since 'Naadam' is Mongolian for 'games', and is also a traditional festival.

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