Mati Necklace
Mati Necklace Mati Necklace

Each Item is Handcrafted in Canada

Genevieve Smolders is the creative drive behind hen + bear jewelry.  She resides is London, Ontario Canada and prides her line in being purely handmade.

Each unique piece is drawn from distinct inspiration that comes from both Aboriginal and Bohemian cultures, nature, and raw materials.  Materials used include: gold, white gold & silver plate, brass & vintage brass charms, semi-precious stones, and a touch of love.



The bad news? If you've got Mati- you're suffering from the evil eye (in Greece). The good news? Wearing a special evil eye charm, also called a Mati, is said to help prevent the curse from even happening.

  • A stunning 24 inch, sparkly, and untarnishing stainless steel chain...

  • And a simple brass eye pendant with a small opal gemstone that glimmers in the sunlight. A hen fav! 

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