View of Invasion: Eris Cover Art By Penny L. Samms

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A Chuck, Yu, and Farley Book

From the Cover: It has been a little over a month since aliens began attacking humans on Earth, forever changing Chuck Holloway’s adolescent life. Now, the aliens are abducting more humans than ever. Chuck, who has recently learned shocking secrets about his Grammy’s past and her connection with the aliens, continues on his terrifying adventure as he and his friend, Farley, flee from Earth to the safety of Yu’s dojo on planet Eris.

As Chuck grieves over the loss of his good friend in the last battle with the aliens, he considers a future with the Planetary Space Agency. He and Farley regroup with the other humans to formulate a plan of retaliation against the aliens. Unfortunately, their plan is thwarted when they realize they have been tracked to Eris. When Chuck and Farley find themselves in unknown territory, they discover that Eris is not the safe haven they once believed. As an unexpected ally surfaces and presents Yu with what could be their only way of fighting the aliens, the humans prepare for the last stand against their enemy. Invasion: Eris is a suspenseful, action-packed story about battles, courage, fear, love, and death, as aliens plot to kill two teenagers and everyone they love.

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About The Author:   Penny L. Samms worked in the corporate world for twenty-three years before deciding to pursue writing full-time.  Since she was young, her vivid imagination has always created stories that take her other worlds.  Penny is the author of several children's books, a wine-pairing book, and the Invasion science fiction trilogy.  She resides in Toronto, Canada.