View of Invasion: Earth Book Cover Art By Penny L. Samms

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A Chuck, Yu, and Farley Book

From the Cover:

Chuck Holloway is a typical teenager who struggles with self-esteem, nurtures a secret crush on a girl, and wonders if he will ever feel like anything more than a loser. But his entire existence changes when aliens Begin invading Earth and abducting humans from their homes. Life as he knows it has ended.

Suddenly, Chuck and his friend Farley are trapped in the crossfire between family and an unknown menace while simultaneously attempting to deal with their own issues-two bullies who are becoming increasingly dangerous and violent. In the interest of defending their families and themselves against the aliens and the bullies, Farley and Chuck travel to another planet to learn martial arts skills from dojo master, Yu, who is notorious for being a death machine. As Chuck and Farley begin to discover strength and courage they did not know they possessed, they become more determined than ever to overcome their weaknesses.

In this suspenseful science fiction adventure, two teenagers who join forces with an unexpected ally in the battle against aliens soon realize that they must be the ones to save Earth. Now only time will tell if they are truly ready for the responsibility.


About The Author:   Penny L. Samms worked in the corporate world for twenty-three years before deciding to pursue writing full-time.  Since she was young, her vivid imagination has always created stories that take her other worlds.  Penny is the author of several children's books, a wine-pairing book, and the Invasion science fiction trilogy.  She resides in Toronto, Canada.


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