Hematite Mini Warrior Bracelet
Hematite Mini Warrior Bracelet Hematite Mini Warrior Bracelet

Each Item Sold Helps Fund Veteran Programs

Countless Veterans return home with life changing injuries, both physical and mental, and often times never get the help they need, or depend on. Whether it's loss of limb, PTSD, or anything in-between, Brass & Unity helps fund programs around the world to give Veterans the help they need.


Black hematite rock is a very protective healing gemstone that helps you stay grounded in any situation. Hematite benefits also include absorbing negative energy, providing calmness in times of stress or worry, and helping you feel balanced, steady, and centered. People have been wearing metallic hematite jewelry for centuries as a way of maintaining balance in their lives — which is more important now than ever before.

  • 6mm diameter metallic hematite beads
  • Mini .338 bullet shell casing
  • 1mm army strong stretch elastic


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