Gwen Jogger - Jet Black
Gwen Jogger - Jet Black Gwen Jogger - Jet Black Gwen Jogger - Jet Black Gwen Jogger - Jet Black Gwen Jogger - Jet Black Gwen Jogger - Jet Black Gwen Jogger - Jet Black


DL1961 is a family-owned brand, creating premium denim with sustainability at their core since 2008! Overseeing the entire process from fiber to finished garment, they pride themselves on our leading fabric and sustainability technologies. 

Their motto is, "Sustainability means doing right by the planet, and the people on it" - amazing! 

They have been practicing sustainability before it was 'cool' and we are so proud to carry them in our store! 


98% Less Water

  • They use their state-of-the-art in-house treatment plant.

Recycled & Renewable Fibers

  • Like Modal® and Tencel™ to reduce water usage and increase the life of your jeans.

Clean Dyes

  • They use Dystar Liquid Indigo to minimize byproducts, and no bleach or harmful chemicals.

Certified Cotton

  • They adhere to international standards to bring you the highest quality denim.

Ozone & Laser Technologies

  • No water or harmful chemicals needed for your favourite denim effects.

Solar Power & Energy Efficiency

  • Their self-generating power plant uses solar panels and heat recovery to power itself.

Closed-Loop Manufacturing

  • They're turning your trash and old denim into your new favourite jeans.

Ethical Practices

  • They're committed to fair wages, reasonable hours, and positive working conditions for all our people.

On top of their sustainability efforts, they have started a giveback fund called The Pantry. Each month they allocate a portion of our sales to supply necessities to New York City-area shelters and charities! 

Product Detail

Gwen is a hip-grazing, relaxed jogger with a tapered leg, elasticated ankles and a drawstring waist.

Jet Black is a true black garment dye with matching drawstring at the waist, curved back yoke seam, slash front pockets and black oxide hardware in our breathable technical fabric.

FABRIC DETAIL: 90% cotton, 8% polyester & 2% Lycra®