Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil - 10ml.
Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil - 10ml. Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil - 10ml. Egyptian Musk Perfume Oil - 10ml.

Each Item Sold Supports A Traditional Art And Science Of Making Perfumes And Essential Oils Certified Cruelty-free And That Are Made Using Clean, Non-toxic Ingredients

 Nemat Enterprises is known for its large selection of high-quality Indian attars and perfumes. It is one of the most respected firms today in the perfumery trade in India because of its strong commitment to quality. Its attars and perfumes have found wide appeal throughout the world. At present, Nemat products are being exported to most countries in the Middle East, Malaysia, and The United Kingdom to name a few. Nemat International® is a firm set up in the United States of America by the Attarwala family. The Attarwala family traces its roots to the beautiful city of lakes, Udaipur, in the state of Rajasthan, India. The Attarwala family has been involved in the art and science of making attars for over 160 years. 

All Nemat fragrance oils are free from alcohol, parabens, pthalates, sulfates, and formaldehyde. 

At Nemat they believe nature has provided us with abundant sources of wonderful fragrances which can invoke deep feelings of joy, excitement, or serenity within us. The Attarwala family has been dedicated to capturing and bottling these emotions through the traditional art and science of making perfumes and essential oils while honoring our land and the bounty it provides us. 



Egyptian Musk is a popular fragrance blend. It is a soft, clean, fresh, musky fragrance that has a soothing effect.

How do I apply the fragrance oils? 

The best way to use perfume oils is to apply the fragrance to your apparel/clothes. The perfume oils can be dispensed from a roll-on perfume bottle, bottles with small mouth openings, or bottles with applicator rods. Traditionally, users take a drop of the perfume oil in their palms and gently rub their palms together. Then the perfume oil is applied onto clothes by gently brushing the palms onto the clothes. This will prevent staining of clothes and will ensure that the perfume oil is spread over a large part of the user's clothes. Fragrance from Nemat Perfume oils will last a long time.

  • 10ml. bottle and all-around work of art
  • All fragrance oils are free from alcohol, parabens, pthalates, sulfates, and formaldehyde
  • All fragrances are free from any harmful ingredients listed in the comprehensive California Safe Cosmetics Program of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).
  • In addition, all fragrances are free from almond, peanut, walnut, and other tree nut oils that may cause allergies to some individuals
  • These are full-strength oils that need to be used sparingly - use only a drop or less
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