Denni Ear Cuffs - Gold
Denni Ear Cuffs - Gold Denni Ear Cuffs - Gold Denni Ear Cuffs - Gold Denni Ear Cuffs - Gold Denni Ear Cuffs - Gold Denni Ear Cuffs - Gold


Once labelled, ‘The Queen of The Hoop’, Jenny Bird is Canada’s leading fashion jewelry designer. Though her hoops are unforgettable, she’s also gained notoriety with her custom chains, innovative earring silhouettes and anklets. Her approach to each season is driven by the love of fashion and looking modern with her inherent understanding of ‘what’s cool’, while also making sure the pieces are luxurious and will have longevity. Each design is thoughtfully executed with technical details like custom hinges and clasps. As she continues to evolve her eponymous JENNY BIRD brand, her design objective remains the same: to create modern essentials that are thoughtfully constructed and meant to be worn by everyone.   

At JB, it is of the utmost importance that products are sourced and manufactured responsibly and they do not work with or support any manufacturer, supplier, or business partner of any kind that they have reason to believe is conducting their business in a socially irresponsible manner - we love that!  They aim to do as much as they can to support our fellow global citizens with a focus on championing causes that are geared towards economic empowerment. 

Jenny proudly gives back with her partnerships with Dress For Success and The Pin Project.  From 2016 JB has won yearly, and multiple awards for business acumen and design ability.  Get on board with the BirdGirls Community and own your very own cult-favourites among every-day women and celebrity stylists alike! Her contemporary pieces marry creativity with a bold, fearless spirit, catching the eye of many Hollywood celebrities, stylists and influential people around the world, from Mandy Moore to Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez to Mindy Kaling. Her designs are striking yet wearable and are designed to be worn for years to come.


A set of x-small and small round and adjustable ear cuffs. Meant to be worn together or apart, they hug the ear while an attached teardrop drifts below. Finished in high-polish gold. Please note: these pieces will feel a tad stiff before you wear them. Give them a good tug to expand, then gently squeeze to create a custom fit around your ear.

  • 14K gold-dipped brass
  • finish: high-polish


  • earring length (bigger cuff): 0.78" / 2cm
  • earring length (smaller cuff): 0.62 / 1.6cm
  • earring width (bigger cuff): 0.74" / 1.9cm
  • earring width (smaller cuff): 0.59" / 1.5cm
  • earring depth: 0.12"/ 0.33cm
  • weight (bigger cuff): 0.67oz / 1.9g
  • weight (smaller cuff): 0.044oz / 1.26g



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