Clarity Ring- Gold- Citrine
Clarity Ring- Gold- Citrine Clarity Ring- Gold- Citrine Clarity Ring- Gold- Citrine

Quartz & Canary wants to see you living your truth and singing your song! And it's evident in their slogan: where spirituality meets style.

Established in 2015 by Andrea Di Paolo in the GTA, the company strongly supports local businesses and the sourcing of each piece, as they're all done by hand. The commitment to the quality and longevity of all products is central to the company’s essence. Andrea’s experience and careful eye to quality and details is evident in every piece. 

The name is representative of the company’s belief systems and principles they intend to offer to the masses. Quartz is a stone which in the spiritual realm is known to be a master healer. It's a stone that is not only used within watches to move the hands of time, but it can also be used to enhance the metaphysical properties and energy centres within the body. It's also the most commonly sourced stone in the world, centrally found in several areas of modern technology.

The Canary is forever known as the whistleblower, the energy of change that opens us to the gateway of truth. We at Quartz & Canary act as the yellow spirted messengers supporting those those who need us most. We leave no one behind. On the animal totem, the canary, beckons energy of spiritual illumination, allowing for this new light and song to provide healing. Pushing the negative energy away as it sings, making way for a new positive foundation! Scientifically it has been indicated that when the canary sings, its mind visibly expands, enhancing its awareness and eliminating any distress. 



Need some clarity? Leave it to natural citrine to be the mood boost you require. Petite and sleek, it's the style you want with plenty of pure goodness to boot. 
Citrine is the money stone. Perfect for you if you're looking to start a business or expand your success, abundance, and good fortune. It's said that this stone can help you make wise business decisions, raise your self-esteem and self-worth and revitalize your mind. It's even known to shine and bring the sunshine in. Wow! Thank citrine later for its natural mood-lifting qualities.
  • 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver | 1 Micron
  • Natural Citrine


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