STIX Jewelry

STIX jewelry creates personalized necklaces with a modern take. Each piece is made with the finest materials and finishes. The result is a timeless, elegant design that gives you a special way to carry your story with you, always.

From the beginning they set out to give you simple, creative ways to keep your personalized messages close to you. Your message, initials or name are not immediately readable by others. It's only if you choose to share that they get an insiders glimpse.  And then it instantly becomes a fascinating thing to talk about!

Some people include their kids initials, some inspiring words, or just a name or initial. 

Stix only uses certified 925 sterling silver, which indicates 92.5% silver purity. All their jewelry is rhodium plated which is an anti-tarnish coating that will allow your jewelry to keep it's shine with little maintenance.