Ponytail Mail

Because hair ties should actually hold your hair in place. But they can be fancy and nice to look at too!

As a competitive dancer, Jackie knew her way around the hair tie aisle at the drugstore, but she could never seem to find ones that would hold her hair properly without snapping or breaking. Fed up, she tried to make the perfect hair tie herself using some elastics in her mom's sewing kit.

All it took was a quick cut and a knot, and voila!

Hair ties that are actually comfortable and last longer than the average with minimal packaging (100% post-consumer recycled material, no plastic!).

After 3 years of making the ties for herself and her friends she decided it was time to share them with the rest of the world (besides having a closet full of hair ties wasn't adding any value to her quality of life).

The Ponytail Mail team is committed to bringing the highest quality hair ties to Canadian doorsteps. Each and every hair tie is handcrafted with love in Toronto, Ontario. And by squad, it's really just Jackie, some very kind friends, and her cat. For now...

In her spare time, Jackie chases squirrels, crochets and works in the fitness industry. She sometimes goes by Jacklyn, it just depends on the day:)