Each Item Sold Supports To Provide Meals To People Affected By Life Threatening Illnesses

Free City is partnered with Project Angel Food, knowing that good foods can be powerful medicine. Project Angel Food's on-staff registered dietitians devise meal plans tailored to each person’s specific disease and medical treatments. As serious illness can be very isolating, the drivers are often the only human interaction a client may have during their homebound day, and they are often referred to as their “angels.” For holidays and birthdays, a special meal is included and hand-decorated birthday bags filled with simple items in recognition of their special day. Over 500,000 nutritious meals are delivered free of charge every year.

FREECITY is really about fantasy and moments of time, but more important, it's about a shared experience, a human experience, an interactive experience. FREECITY is a visual language: shapes, colors, and symbols. The idea being, that anyone in the world speaking any language could understand.  They have not hired designers or architects to create spaces, identity or graphics. Not knowing how to make something and then finding a way to make it is the ethos of FREECITY: all is possible. Dream to reality. This is the challenge, the beauty and the gift of FREECITY.